This year, Meaningful Summers advocated for student wellness within our community by focusing on physical, mental, and social health. Over the past few years, with the seemingly never-ending increase in required competitiveness between students, sacrificing health for success in school has become an increasingly more common and more serious issue. Simply put, as societal stigmas cast away mental health awareness and other wellness-related considerations, students aren't focusing enough on their own wellbeing -- we aspire to change this narrative in our community. While this problem is not just a local one by any means, recent health-related occurrences this year in the Aurora-Naperville student body, in particular, have driven us to use Meaningful Summers as a vehicle to make an impact on the community through a movement grounded in overall wellbeing. During the summer of 2018, we hosted two events to raise awareness for mental and overall health, with a specific focus on our community's youth. Here they are: 


3rd Annual Meaningful Summers Kickball Tournament - July 28th

With the support of more than 150 participants, we raised 2500 dollars for nonprofit organizations in the area, while encouraging students to socialize and stay active.


Students' Night out - August 14th

A social event, geared towards high-schoolers, with entertainment, guest speakers, food, raffles, and more! With the backing of Aurora Mayor Irvin and the city’s administration, our event promoted youth mental health awareness, as well as the importance of having positive social interactions in our daily lives.