One Aurora: The Next Generation is a for-us-by-us youth movement inspired by Mayor Richard C. Irvin of Aurora, Illinois. We aim to bring Aurora's youth together to serve the community, engage in educational opportunities, and take part in purposeful athletic activities.  

PHase 1: Boots on the Ground

We aim to orchestrate and execute multiple opportunities for volunteering at Hesed House for Aurora's youth. We are also partnering with Hesed House to refresh the shelter's donation organization system. 

The volunteering event will take place on July 27th from 11 AM - 2 PM and July 28th from 11 AM - 2 PM.

PHase 2: STEAM

We hope to encourage Aurora students to get excited about STEAM - related activities by organizing a STEAM Night at SciTech Hands-On Museum in Aurora. There will be booths with various presentations and speakers covering a plethora of topics.

The STEAM Night will take place on July 28th from 5-8 PM for Grades 1-5 and from 6-8 PM for Grades 6-12.

Phase 3: Kickball Tournament

We plan on hosting a Kickball Tournament fundraiser to raise funds for Aurora-based organizations. 100% of the proceeds of the tournament will be donated to non-profits like Hesed House and Mutual Grounds. 

The Tournament will take place on the 2nd of September.