Hesed House Event

July 27th from 11AM-2PM and July 28th from 11AM-2PM


On July 27th and 28th, Meaningful Summers will be hosting volunteering events at the Hesed House in Aurora. The following is an excerpt from Hesed House's website that details the significant impact that Hesed House has and will have on Aurora:

“In the early 1980s, religious leaders of six Aurora churches and other concerned citizens formed a grassroots coalition to shelter, feed and clothe homeless individuals and families found walking the streets in adverse weather conditions. Today, Hesed House is the second largest shelter in the State of Illinois, and the largest shelter outside of the city of Chicago. With the help of professional staff, alliances with outside agencies and 6,000 volunteers from 70 area churches, almost one thousand individuals (including 188 children) are served each year through Hesed House’s shelter and three housing programs. Hesed House sees 16 newly homeless individuals each week – that’s one new homeless individual every 8 1/2 hours. Hesed House strives to get 16 or 17 individuals out of homelessness each week.” 
— Hesed House

Hesed House is always in need of volunteers and donations, a need that Meaningful Summers is happy to address. Please join us on July 27th and 28th and help us make a substantive impact on the meaningful work that Hesed House conducts. 

- Rohan, Alexa, and Niraj

Hesed House:

659 River St #2, Aurora, IL 60506